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Websites are one or more cyber language (codes) to show content using computers, common languages used are HTML, CSS, JS (Java Script), PHP, and more other languages to create functions and more abilities Just like Forms or interactive features.

Images and videos are the visible parts and remaining are more in HTML coding language, thare are many site builders or website building software offline or online available but the truth is they all will use languages like JS (Java Script) to generate HTML for user when the needs of templates and parts of templates are different for every user, this will leave many unused codes mixed with used parts of codes and it will cause HTML errors and slow loading.

Static Site

Web pages when they don't change until they get edited manually.

Dynamic Site

Web pages will change by information such as database driven site.

Custom Coded Website

Website Programming

Dynamic Coded Website

Cusom Coding Advantages

Custom coding has too many advantages in different aspects starting with clean and validated code, fast loading web pages, and SEO (Search Engines Optimization) compatible which means search friendly site.

Developers, web designers and online website builders build pages but coders can modify and edit them manually, when coder is SEO expert as well then the pages can be made search engines friendly to get more search results as of it's outcome.

There are more involved when it comes to websites such as domain and hosting, domain consultation can be helpful and hosting consultation will help more as host requires server where it's type and abilities are very important to host files and coding types.

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