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Websites is a collection of webpages with data and contents that generally represents a business and falls under a domain name with a server hosting.

These websites are created using common coded languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc. that add different functions and abilities on the website that visitors can interact with.

A major part of the website that we see are the contents, images and videos, there are other stuffs that are in the coding language. Of course there are several website builders with CMS platforms that make it easier for you to create a website, but all of them consist of the basic HTML or JavaScript language. Codes are used to create different templates based on the needs of the website owners.

There are two types of websites that you can create:

Static Website

The Static websites are generally single page websites that have static content (fixed content), which only change when the information is edited manually.

Dynamic Website

The dynamic websites gives a more interactive user experience. It is a database driven site which gets updated as the information is added with new webpages.

Custom Coded Website

Website Programming

Dynamic Coded Website

Custom Coding Design Benefits

With custom coding design, you get a lot of benefits. You get an original and clean coded website design, you get better and faster loading webpages, the website design is SEO complied. With custom coding design you are able to create a search engine friendly website.

When building a website, you might like to hire a Developer, website designer and even look for online website builders, but getting coders can help you modify and edit the website at the basic level. Above that, if you get a coder that is also an SEO professional, it can help you create a website that is search engine friendly and useful, which ensures you get better search results and more traffic.

Website creation includes several other essentials like domain consultation to get a relevant and unique domain, hosting consultation to get the host server, its type and the facility it offers.

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