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Seo stands for Search Engines Optimization

Seo is process of making a site search friendly for search engines, popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, All the web, Alta Vista ...

Seo depends on every part of the website starting from domain name, hosting server type where files are hosted and it's capabilities, codes used in creating pages when the clean and validated codes mean fast loading pages, no errors and much more.

Seo types are internal and external, optimizing internal files, writing or including search friendly languages in page or files internally.

External Seo work includes backlinks, submissions, directory listings, social accounts, and much more where they all created for users and search engines, not only for one of them.

Validate Codes Mean No Errors

Seo Process

Search Engines Friendly Coding

Search Friendly Process

Domain & Hosting

Domain is the starting point for SEO process, there are steps to take in order to get the maximum advantages out of any domain, securing domain by security steps by specific confirguration and processes when missing one equals leaving the door open for insecurities. Hosting is more complicated when it is where files will be served and capabilities matter.

Coding Languages

Different coding languages used to create websites where the clean and validated codes mean speed and no errors, also many coding languages can be used to improve pages, website and search results such as enhanced search results by using RDFa, Microformats, Microdata and many other. Mixing some codes make usefull site in search results.

Links & Social

Backlinks are important part of Seo work but only when placed correctly, links pass rank to the site if the linking site has higher domain authority which is a calculation of a many processes and it's matrix change in time, social accounts is a good way to benefit any website if performed correctly and constantly as the update is the extra benefit ...

Search Factors

Search engines calculate numbers by factors

Major search engines like Google calculate many different factors and better numbers get better search placement as of it's outcome, there are too many factors out there, single or grouped factors, they go from 0 to 100 in number, covering more part of the factor will get better in number, wining the search result over competition comes from better numbers than competitor numbers in factors.

There are positive and negative factors, positive factors will benefit and negative factors will make the site loose to competion which did not had it, negative factors come from spam when positive factors come from following guidelines and covering better and more factors where knowing them will not help and performing them correctly and widely will, meaning has and search engines getting better at it day by day.

Domain & Hosting
Domain & Host setting correctly is the first step to take.

Make sure the domain is registered to the max and follows any positive factors which can help, security like SSL certificates are registered and DNSSEC is protecting domain security.

Clean & valid coding is the way to go

Coding without errors, extra and duplicate codes, latest coding language standards is what needs to be there, mixing more enhanced search coding with pages will bring better search results.

Search Engines Optimized Codes, Search Engines Marketing

Complete internal and external search friendly processes, search ads like Google ads campaigns, reputable backlinks, following guidelines and not spamming.

Search Engines Optimized Site


Onetime Basics

Cost by Project


  • Coding

  • Optimizing

  • Onpage

  • Submission

  • Social & Backlinks

Onetime Advanced

Cost by Project


  • Advanced Coding

  • Full Optimization

  • Repeat Onpage

  • Repeat Submissions

  • Full Social & Backlinks

Monthly Basics

Cost by Project


  • Coding

  • Wide Optimization

  • Full Onpage

  • Complete Submissions

  • Complete Social & Backlinks

Monthly Advanced

Cost Per Project


  • Advanced Coding

  • Advanced Optimization

  • Advanced Onpage

  • Advanced Submissions

  • Advanced Social & Backlinks