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We provide Computer Services locally in Houston Texas and surrounding areas
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This includes computer repairs, programming, updates, upgrades, security, software and solutions any office can require.

Web Development

Online & web services for website developments, e-commerce, online database driven software solutions with web pages and backend administration in small level or any large enterprice levels, on page and off page optimization services, SEO services, custom software development and more.

SEO Services

Advance your website & online presense today, get professionals to do the job. You can rank your website on top of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or other major search engines & online directories, ranking for several important relevant keywords helps people to find your website when they search for resources, business or services your website has to offer or make the sale by your own e-commerce platform. Contact us for more information.

Business Directory

Search Engines

Now Search Engines have made it very easier to search things efficiently using keywords, once you make a search you are able to find millions of search results on every major search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, etc. It helps to find a business, service or a product that people might want to buy.

Our listing allows businesses or website owners to add their website to our directory. When a business is added to a directory, it also works as backlinks to the main website and also increases the domain authority. Using the right SEO services ensures that you are able to get higher than your competitor in terms of search engine results.

There are several SEO factors that websites have to comply with to ensure they are able to rank higher on search engine. The more the number of factors a website is able to optimize its websites for, the more it is able to get higher than its competitors. Using SEO services, it is important for you to have proper knowledge about it. Our listing provides you with SEO professionals that can help you with SEO consultation and SEO services that shall help your website to rank higher on Search engine results. Whether you are planning to start a website or already have a website but need optimization, hiring a professional from the directory listing is the best option.

Business Website Development


Business Directory

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SEO (Search Engines Optimization) processes are the way to cover more factors and better than competing sites.

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Desktop, Laptop & Handheld Devices

The modern computers and gadgets keep updating almost on a daily basis, computers are available in different sizes, with different software and hardware, additional features, etc. Being updated with time is important if you want to use all the facility and features offered by technology

Considering the resolution of different devices, it is important that a website has to optimize itself to fit all devices and not be particular to one type. This is an important part of coding of a website, where it makes the website compatible with every device, make it fast and responsive and keep the coding clean

Computers services also include repair services, maintenance, updates and upgrades that shall ensure a computer keeps working perfectly. Our directory provides you with experts that can help you with computer repair solutions, issues, upgrades, consultation to increase computer speed and fulfil other needs.

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Desktop & Laptop Computers

Computer Services

Handheld & Smaller Devices


Computer Repairs

Computer repair services are needed when you start seeing problems in your computer due to issues in hardware or software.

Computer Upgrades

Adding or upgrading hard drives, RAM, graphics card, etc. or software upgrades like windows, media files, etc. are important because they help keep running a computer perfectly.

Computer Maintenance

Computer is an electronic device and similar to any other device, it too needs regular maintenance. This refers to cleaning the hardware and software to increase the speed of the computer, upgrading them when important, etc.

Computer Repairs Consultation

You might consider getting rid of your problem on your own, but it is recommended to hire professionals that can provide you with essential information and services to get rid of the problem.

Business or Service Directory Listing

Our directory compiles a list of professionals and experts that can provide you with solutions for your problems, can be helpful in running your business successfully and offer consultations.

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Creating a Website

Website is an online representation of a business; it is created using basic coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc. These coding languages are not only used to create pages, but they also help you to assign functions and features to a website and help create a user-interactive and search engine friendly website.

In a website, the images, videos and content are the things that are visible on the website. Apart from this, other things that you find on a website is created using basic coding language. You have the option of looking for CMS platforms or website builders online that can help you to create or design a website with ease. However, these template designs too are created using basic coding language and you can also edit the templates according to your needs. The combination of the coding languages used must not cause any errors or decrease the page load speed, it has to be a concern.

There are two types of websites that can be created

Static Site - These are generally single page website with a static or fixed content. The content on the website only changes when they are manually edited.

Dynamic Site - These are websites that is database driven, which get updated automatically when content or page is added to the website. The website is considered to be more user-interactive and more search engine friendly.

More About Websites

HTML5, CSS, PHP, JS Coding


Coding Optimization For SEO



Per Hour

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Coding
  • Optimization
  • SEO



Per Project

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Images
  • Forms
  • Maps



Per Project

  • HTML5
  • Directory
  • Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Coding



Per Package
More ...

  • Onpage SEO
  • Submissions
  • Adwords
  • Backlinks
  • Optimization

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Search Engines Optimization

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization; it is one of the most integral parts of ranking a website on search engines. There are several steps that can be taken to make a website SEO friendly; this begins from buying a domain, getting a hosting server find the features and facilities it offers and create a website with clean and valid coding.

In order to have clean and valid coding, you either need to have knowledge about coding or find an expert coder to create fast loading website that is search engine friendly and interactive for users as well. SEO is important because it makes a website relevant and allows it to get better search results.

There are two kinds of SEO -

Internal SEO

This comprises of optimizing the files, content and media on your website, it includes onpage optimization, adding content and tags, etc.

External SEO

Link Building, backlinks submission, directory listing submission, and so on is a part of the External SEO. It helps a website to build authority and rank higher on search engines.

More About SEO

Optimized Code & Necessary Tags


Local Listings, Visitors, Backlinks

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Clear information about SEO (Search Engines Optimization) helps to start from the correct path.

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Search Engines and Directory Submissions

For a website to be a part of the World Wide Web and appear on search results it is important to submit the URL on Search Engine and Directories listings. The search engine and directories are also used for site feed submissions too. Directory submissions and search engine submissions are considered as one of the best strategies to build domain authority and make your website popular.

As you create a new website it becomes important to submit your site to search engines. There are search engines that require regular submissions for every new web page that you add to your website, whereas there are other websites that only needs you to submit your website URL and they crawl through the pages to submit them automatically. Directory submission refers to submitting your website to different directories based on the categories and subcategories.

When you have a business, you create a website using basic coding language; you keep the optimization part in mind and complete the website. Next thing to focus on is ranking higher on search engine results. Link building and backlinks submission is the external SEO technique that you need to focus on to make sure you have higher domain authority to rank higher than your competitor.

You can enjoy the benefit of submitting your website or business on our directory in relevant categories and sub categories, where potential clients can find your website or business with ease.

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Search Engines & Directories

Search Engines

Feed Engines & Feed Directories

Website Submission To Search Engines

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