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R&W Heating Inc. is located in Lebanon, Ohio. When you think of R&W Heating Inc. you probably think of high quality air conditioners, but we have been touching your life in so many other ways. We supply the traction system on the train that takes you home, and the substation that regulates your electricity the Jet Towel hand dryers for your office, and video walls for entertainment and control rooms. Our air conditioning machines are so reliable, a result from our engineering. You'll see the same hallmarks of performance and dependability in everything we do; it’s all about quality of life. With a patent protecting the sophisticated technology you can run your inverter air conditioner virtually free while others have to pay. Imagine for a moment if you can, an inverter air conditioner which can generate money while it is turned off. The Living Environment Group supplies a wide range of air conditioning systems. From small split systems, to multi split systems and ducted air conditioning systems for the home through to large commercial air conditioning systems. We provide service to our customers in the area of Warren, Butler, Montgomery, and Lebanon, OH.

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