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Aloha Hearing Aid Service is your hearing care center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Aloha Hearing Aid Service provides hearing solutions that are customized to each patient's individual needs. The most important part of what we do is listen. Thanks to today's advanced technology, we can provide education and solutions that are more powerful, precise, and user-friendly than ever before. Our goal at Aloha Hearing Aid Service is to provide un-matched professionalism and customer service along with providing the best possible hearing care for every patient we meet. Recent research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine report that one in five Americans age 12 and older experiences hearing loss severe enough to hinder communication. If you think you have hearing loss, or know a loved one who does, our interactive tools are a good first step towards getting the help you need. We know how important your hearing is. Aloha Hearing Aid Service will help you to begin your life of better hearing. We provide services to our customers in the area of Honolulu, HI.

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