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We are offering website design, coding, optimization, seo, custom software and app development, we build and develop websites with seo in mind from the very begining, online stores, user accounts, custom software development, Google ads, social media and more. With our SEO (Search Engines Optimization) work your website will rank in the first pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo! and other search engines in several hundreds of important keywords which people search to find your business, products or services.

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Business Website Directory

Searching networks now is the way to find things faster for people, everyday milions search Google, Bing, Yahoo or any major and favorite search engines for business, service or product they want.

Businesses, service providers or product sellers can take advantage of this by listing their website in search engines when they need to be in the first pages of search engines and above the competitors site and that is only possible with the correct SEO work, IT staff always update, search and wonder on how to accomplish a better search results ranking, it has been the mystery of the centry to get the best search placement, it has nothing to do with degree or title and it is more about the self motivated, experienced SEO who has been following the facts.

What actually happens? The factors, more factors covered in higher number than competition, the better result as of it's outcome. SEO actually needs to have a very good knowledge about computers, websites, coding and search engines when must of the time this is impossible when the SEO only handles some task and either all other areas handeled by other IT staff or missing, you will need one person who is a SEO and posseses all the skills at the same time. At business directory we start from scratch or if the website already exist, taking proper actions to cover possible factors in order to get the website in first pages of search results.

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Business Directory

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SEO (Search Engines Optimization) processes are the way to cover more factors and better than competing sites.

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Desktop, Laptop & Handheld Devices

There are many different devices are used these days, each device has it's own screen size, resolution, software version, capabilities and ...

This will make the work of websites harder than usual where they need to built for all devices and not just one type, this is one of the major factors to cover, compatibility with correct device visibility called responsive or cross browser site coding.

Also computers require services like repair, maintenance, updates, upgrades and ...

Business directory suggests using learning methods on computer subjects, issues, repairs, upgrade, tasks to speed up the computer and more other using sites like Google or visual aspects just like YouTube when typing something like learning subject as a keyword in their search.

More About Computers

Desktop & Laptop Computers

Computer Services

Handheld & Smaller Devices


Computer Repairs

Computers need repairs when hardware issues casusing problems or the device not starting or any specific parts are not functioning well as it should.

Computer Upgrades

Upgrading computer parts like hard drive, memory, graphic cards, CD or DVD player drives. As well as software upgrades such as windows or any software which may used.


Just like any other machine, computers need maintenace and updates, this could be a hardware or software update, cleaning up for better speed and ...


Sometimes small mistake will cost more than expected, knowing the right choice on buying or replacing computers by what is going to be used for and what needs to contain.

Security comes with the right choice

We can help choosing the best and right choice, it's about what comes with and not the brand.

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Website design with clean coding and advanced coding languages.

Website builders will provide a way to design but will not have the clean coding in source, better search engines results come with clean and optimized coding.

HTML is the language in source which causes visibility of a webpage in computer screen, other coding languages either turns to HTML in output or includes specific functionality to a web page such as JS (Java Script) or CSS for styling purposes.

There are many important aspects to take in count such as valid code, optimized coding for speed and SEO purposes as major factors for audience view and search engines results.

Business website Seo strategies will succeed better with website design optimized with validate coding work in place. The process needs website code work with validated and optimized pages in every aspects possible to cover more positive factors.

More About Websites

HTML5, CSS, PHP, JS Coding


Coding Optimization For SEO



Per Hour

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Coding
  • Optimization
  • SEO



Per Project

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Images
  • Forms
  • Maps



Per Project

  • HTML5
  • Directory
  • Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Coding



Per Package
More ...

  • Onpage SEO
  • Submissions
  • Adwords
  • Backlinks
  • Optimization

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Search Engines Optimization

Seo stands for search engines optimization, there are many important steps can be taken to make a website SEO friendly, from domain name, hosting server type and it's capabilities to clean, optimized and fast coding. Valid and clean code needs coder skills, loading fast pages has a better outcome in visitor's eye and it is one of the major factors with search engines. Relativity and popularity is important ...

Internal SEO

Onpage SEO work, search engines friendly files and coding tags ...

External SEO

Submissions, local and directory listings, Google ads, visitors, backlinks ...

More About SEO

Optimized Code & Necessary Tags


Local Listings, Visitors, Backlinks

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Search Engines Submissions

Submiting Website to Search engines and directories.

In order to be listed in search engines, website needs to be submitted periodically to directories and search engines, there are also search engines and directories to submit site feeds as well. Search engines, directory submissions and business directory listings is one of the best strategies for search popularity of a site website seo depends on quality backlinks as well.

Submitting a site periodically to search engines will help to rank the website faster than they find your site in long time and maybe never as it also the listing in search engines itself is a backlink to the submitted website where they search engines or directory located.

Business website setup starts from domains, then websites build well and validated coding where optimization was the highest goal and listing website in search engines and directory is the second goal. Mannual directories or profile pages are the extra step while more backlinks from quality and high authority domains and popularity of them is the next piece of puzzle.

We can submit any website in their related category and sub categories periodically when we are hired to do so. We also submit feeds to feed engines and directories where this benefits the submitted site with a very good search effects.

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Search Engines & Directories

Search Engines

Feed Engines & Feed Directories

Website Submission To Search Engines

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Business Website Directory Listing

Submit website listing in desired category and sub category with information, logo and images

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